Monday, May 30, 2011

One night

There are some people who have this extravagant childhood where the parents stand on one leg to jump at anything their kids want.Then there are people who have this impecunious and impoverished childhood where parents can hardly meet the daily needs of their lives.Then there is this bourgeois childhood where the parents are happy to make a decent living.Mine fell in the last category.Here is just one night from my childhood....

I have a very clear picture of this night.A night which really shook me.I was in the 5th standard.My mom always loved to teach.Even though she worked in a small school she loved what she did.She was not paid more then a thousand bucks but there was this satisfaction in her.There was always this passion in her eyes and she was always full of life.She really wanted to make a difference no matter what.And on the other side was my dad who works in an Oil company and yes is paid well off to make a decent living even without my mom working.My dad is one character who is just not only dominating but also ferocious and straigh forward who hardly thinks before speaking or doing anything.He things the world has to bow down before him.He is like a person who would even break the dinning table if the food that she cooked wasn't upto his mark.And he never wanted mom to work.

I have learnt from my experience that men are naive and fail to understand what can make a women happy.Men have almost left no stone unturn to conquer the universe yet they fail to understand some simple things that women want.My dad never wanted my mom to work.He failed to understand her needs,her passion that even I could understand at such an age.This fight between mom and dad has been going on after they got married and yes arranged marriage it was.And my mom wasn't ready to sacrifice it for dad.

That night the argument grew so ugly that my dad did what I never dreamt of before.He pulled my mom by her hair and slapped her.Yes!!the shock of my life!It's still fresh in my mind and the recollection still brings tears in my eyes.The time in my watch was 12.30 and my mom left the house that moment itself.My world went black and my whole body shivered.A night it was.My little sis was sleeping and tears rolled down my eyes seeing her wake up startled.She is the only person for whom I would give my life happily.That moment itself the meaning of marriage changed for me.Till I met the love of my life.

My mom did come back the next day cause she knew she had two daughters to look after and that was the end of her career.She sacrificed it all for dad.There are these amazing sacrifices that mom's can do.Her world changed totally therafter.Yet it was amazing how her eyes were still smiling when she looked at me the next day like nothing ever happened.



  1. This is really a pitiful situation of women in marriage. They feel so bound to their husbands who just don't care for their wife. A woman is pampered only till she is conquered and then treated like a door mat.. I m yet to see a guy who loves his woman enough to let her follow her passion and not make her cry for every little joy. I have seen enough women sacrificing!

  2. seriously..nothing more to is tough for women...

  3. women need to stand up to their rights. And even that includes a daughter standing upto his dad

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